Why we need your help

Our members, both groups and individuals, support our goals and objectives. That support helps the Friends provide many services to the dance and music community. Other programs and services depend upon the direct participation of both members and nonmembers at our events and on the financial generosity of members and friends who make gifts beyond the basic membership fees.

The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our members are our most important asset, and we are grateful for every one of you. Your active participation as a Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc. member helps provide many services throughout our local dance and music community. Maintaining gifts and memberships are simple ways to increase your annual giving.

Our Annual Fall Frolic, held in November, is a great way to paticpate and join. By paying your annual membership fee at the dance, you get to enjoy this amazing multi-band, multi-caller dance for free, and become a member for the following calendar/fiscal year, all in one full swoop!

If you are unable to attend the Fall Frolic, we gratefully accept your membership and/or donations throughout the year. You can join or donate using our online shopping cart using the links below, or you can print out our Membership/Donor Form (pdf). If you choose the latter, please complete the form and mail it along with your check to The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc. Our address is:

401 Chapman Street Greenfield,
MA  01301

See also: Our Donor Bill of Rights