About the FGD

The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc., hereinafter referred to as the Friends, is a non-profit educational and cultural organization incorporated under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 180.

Originally known as the Friends of the Guiding Star Grange, fondly nicknamed “The Friends,” it was founded in 1995.

As an affiliate member of Country Dance and Song Society, the Friends was able to function as a federal nonprofit tax exempt status (also known as IRS 501(c)3 status). This is useful for nonprofit bulk mail permits and allowed us to be eligible to receive tax-exempt donations.

In 2013, under recommendations from our Board of Directors, members of the Friends ratified significant changes to our by-laws, which now provide greater clarity and a higher level of transparency as well as making us compliant with federal guidelines. With these changes, we became eligible to seek our own tax-exempt status. The IRS approved our application for tax-exempt status in July, 2013.

The organization was incorporated on March 28, 2013, providing further stability and security as a corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Moving forward, these improvements to our organizational structure give us a stronger foothold in the world of grants and other funding sources.

The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc. operates in the Greenfield, Massachusetts area through its board and other volunteers. The organization’s volunteers tend to be those who love traditional dance and have been participating in local dances for many years.

Requirement for Participation

Any person who is interested in and supports the organization’s purposes and activities is welcome to participate.

What the Organization Hopes to Accomplish

The organization seeks to make more and better traditional dance and music opportunities for the enjoyment of the community in the Greenfield, Massachusetts area.

Time and Money Devoted to this Activity

100% of the organization’s time and money will be spent on the activities described above.

Objectives and Strategies

  1. The objectives of the Friends are to promote and support the development of cultural programs of music and dance; to facilitate cooperation among musicians and dance community members; to maximize participation in dance events.
  2. To meet these objectives the Friends shall provide a conduit for attracting and organizing skilled volunteer help; provide the means for pursuing fund raising; provide a vehicle for public involvement; provide a repository for bequests, gifts, and other monies and articles donated to support the Friends’ objectives.