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Dances in Greenfield
For a calendar of dance events in Greenfield, please check the 
Guiding Star Grange Events Calendar.

View a list (pdf) of all Friday and Saturday dances in Greenfield.

Regional Dances
If you are traveling or new to the area, please check out other dances in our region.

Safe Dancing Resources
Please review our safe dancing etiquette resources.

Where to Stay
Visiting our dances? Check out our list of ideas to help locate lodging.

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The Friends of Greenfield Dance, Inc. (our page) OR The Greenfield Contra Dance is Awesome

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This list is managed by a moderator. The purpose of this “group” is to have a friendly and open forum to announce any events of interest to the contra dance community, to arrange for car pooling, get directions and/or information on other dances and any other ideas, thoughts or concerns you want to share with other members.

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Music from Dances
Dancing at the Grange CD is available for purchase.

Other Dance Organizations and Resources
Country Dance and Song Society (CDSS)

National Folk Organization (NFO)

FGD Events


Fall Frolic at the Grange


Our Friends of Greenfield Dance is delighted  to announce the 2022 Fall Frolic and 2023 Annual Membership Drive will be held this year on Sunday, November 6, from 2-6 PM.  Bob Isaacs will be back again with his Guest Caller Showcase and the music will be provided live by the illustrious Jesse Ball and Friends…. (Read more…)