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Connect with the Pioneer Valley Contra Dance (PVCD) listserve

By Orin Nisenson. Posted on October 31, 2019.

Note: The Friends of Greenfield Dance have graciously allowed me to post this informational resource on their webpage as a public service to the dance community.

If you’ve been dancing in the Valley a while, chances are you’ve heard about or are already signed up for the Pioneer Valley Contra Dance (PVCD) listserve which I administer and moderate independently as a benefit to the community. This is a great space for sharing about upcoming community dance events or topics related to the dancing in our community. If you are newer to dancing and want to join, check the instructions below for how to join the listserve.

If you are already a subscriber to the PVCD list (on Yahoo), you will need to make a change in your subscription to stay connected.

As many of you have heard, Yahoo is making many changes in the listserve groups. While they are not going away soon it seems their days are numbered. So after 18 years on Yahoo Groups I have decided to move the PVCD group over to “”.

Eighteen years of PVCD conversations/posts have been archived, thanks to the help of Seth Seeger. Any posts from now until I close the Yahoo site will not be archived. This is another reason for you to make the switch now.

There are currently 544 members on the list. For me to transfer all that information to would cost $220 to have to do it or take me an inordinate amount of time that I do not have. Neither of those choices are going to happen.

I expect that it will take a few weeks before everyone has signed onto the new site. For that reason, please sign on ASAP but continue to use the old PVCD until you hear from me via the listserve.

To subscribe to the NEW listserve please send a blank email to oi.sp1713508273uorg@1713508273ebirc1713508273sbus+1713508273DCVP1713508273. You will then get an email response asking you to respond by replying. Your first post will have to be monitored and approved before it will get posted, after that it should go through without delay. Sorry but this is a thing and I can’t change it.

The default setting is that any reply to an email will go back to the whole list. I know some would like me to change that to respond to the original sender only. I disagree as I want folks to be able to have a group decision on topics. Changing the default (not even sure I can) would prevent that. If you want to respond to an individual, their email should be visible somewhere in the email or header. Another reason to sign you name to each email you send as well as contact info if you want a private response.

That’s it.

Thanks for being a member of the PVCD community.

For all interactions with the NEW PVCD listserve:

FGD Events


FGD Annual Meeting


Our Friends of Greenfield dance annual meeting will be May 8th at 6:45! All members in good standing are welcome to attend. Stay tuned for agenda and meeting link…