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Hambo Workshop

Hambo is a Swedish couple dance with two different sets of steps that make the spinning part smooth and fun.

Moving Violations’ third Saturday dance, which starts that evening at 7:30, will feature hambo music at the break so you can try out your new dance.

April 18 4-5:30
$10 admission for all

Guiding Star Grange #1
401 Chapman St, Greenfield MA


FGD Events


Contra PROMenade 2020


Save the date! Contra Prom 2020 will feature Gaye Fifer and Eloise & Company! More details to come…


Hambo Workshop


Tom Roby, newly returned from Sweden, will lead a basic hambo workshop. Live music will be provided by Van Kaynor and Ron Grosslein on fiddles.


Flourishes Workshop

3:30 - 5:30pm

Want to learn fancy contra flourishes? Come practice new options to spice up your dancing with Ryan Carollo and Hannah Johlas, including flourishes for swings, courtesy turns, and petronellas/roll-aways.